Ruth 1:1-5

The story of Ruth is only fully realized in the context of Israel during the time of the judges. In a sin-saturated culture where moral relativism ruled the day, famine breaks out, and Elimelech heads for Moab. Pastor Pilgrim teaches the background and overview of Ruth, and why Jesus is the center of all the Bible.


Ruth 1:6-11

We all need an arm around our shoulder. Ruth reminds us that no matter our situation, God is with us. Pastor Pilgrim Benham teaches Ruth 1:6-22 in our Ruth: Romance & Redemption series.



Ruth 2:1-12

In the span of one day, Ruth 2 explains how Ruth and Boaz met. Nothing happens by coincidence! God is always at work behind the scenes. Pastor Pilgrim Benham teaches Ruth 2:1-12 in our Ruth: Romance and Redemption series.



Ruth 2:13-23

Ruth realizes that she is now receiving the favor of Boaz. Boaz represents an amazing picture of Jesus: our Kinsman-Redeemer! Pastor Pilgrim Benham teaches Ruth 2:13-23 in our Ruth: Romance and Redemption series.



Ruth 4:1-12

Boaz takes the steps to redeem Ruth, but has to offer the opportunity of redemption to a "closer relative" first. What will this "Goel" do? Will he redeem her? Or is he unable? Pastor Pilgrim Benham teaches from Ruth 4:1-12 in our Ruth: Romance and Redemption series only at Shoreline Church.


Ruth 4:13-end

What's in a name? Pastor Pilgrim Benham concludes the book of Ruth with an amazing look into the genealogy of Ruth, King David, and Jesus.